* Night Sky & Milky Way Timalepse Movies *

Seeing magnificent Milky Way across the night sky is always a very special experience. Timelapse is one of the most useful ways to capture the movement in the night sky. We are used to sun moving from East to West, but we often don't realize that the same applies to the night sky, Moon and the stars, especially in our modern overly illuminated world. Photos taken at regular intervals are compiled into a video and reproduced within a fraction of the recording time. This technique also allows to create "star trails" which is the line created by moving star or rather out planet Earth moving around its axis, creating effect of moving star or Moon. Some countries offer better night sky visibility due to its limited light pollution. Morocco as some Balkan countries offer relatively great night sky viewing possibilities as can be seen in these movies. 

Morocco's Night Sky with Milky Way

Albania's Night Sky with Milky Way

Macedonia's Night Sky with Milky Way

Slovakia's Night Sky with Milky Way

Night Sky with Milky Way over Rocky Towns of Czechia

Czechia's Night Sky with Milky Way & Moon Rises/Sets

Night Sky around the World

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