Timelapse is one of the most creative & unusual ways to capture the amazing transition of time. Photos taken at regular intervals are compiled into a video & reproduced within a fraction of the recorded time.

Cities with its artificial lights offer the chance to capture the magical time of day - from "golden hour" through "blue hour" into the night.

Seeing Northern Lights is an amazing nature phenomenon & probably one of the most mysterious moments any person can experience.

Night sky with Milky Way, rising & setting Moon offers magical experience. Timelapse enables to see the amazing movement above us.

Timelapse of majestic landscapes with its ever changing light & spectacular sunrises or sunsets can beautifully show the magical transition of time.

Travel photography combines many different genres of photography - landscape, cityscape, people, food or animals. Timelapse is one of the most interesting ways to capture some of the amazing locations & experiences.

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