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Although this website consist of the largest online selection of my work, it doesn't get updated immediately after photos are taken, as this process requires additional time for sorting, tagging, organizing that takes bit fun away from the photography work.

However we have social media where we can post just that latest photo or two and immediately share it with the world. I'm active across few media platform including Facebook, Google +, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter or 500px. Each of them have its audience and target group.

Therefore if you want to know where I am or where I'm heading and what kind of photos I'm capturing at those places, you can follow me on any or all of those sites. I try to keep it fun and post different photos on each together further insight into the way I capture the world around us.


Facebook : www.facebook.com/lucie.debelkova.photography

Google + : plus.google.com/+LucieDebelkova

Twitter : twitter.com/LucieDebelkova


I showcase some of my work on the biggest photo sharing community - Flickr. I only post a smaller selection of photos there than I have here on the www.luciedebelkova.com, however I always add some additional information about that particular photo. If you wish to follow my work there, go to :



I also showcase some of my work on 500px : 500px.com/-lucie-


& other photo community - Instagram : instagram.com/lucie_debelkova


I have recently ventured into the world of timelapse video and share my photos on : vimeo.com/luciedebelkova

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