Night Sky and Northern Lights over Arctic Lapland, Finland

No single Northern Lights photo does true justice to what is happening on the sky during those unique moments when Northern Lights appear. After an incredible experience of capturing my first ever time-lapse in Iceland, I've headed to Frozen land of Arctic Lapland to capture Northern Lights under snowy landscape, which is often difficult to find along the coast.

Average temperatures around - 25C don't make it particularly friendly experience, but the one which will always be treasured. I have purposely traveled there during full moon time, as I prefer the dark blue sky that moon light creates and when there was no aurora.. there was always moon to play with.

(note this is not HD version, for much better viewing experience check the HD version that can be seen on Vimeo itself)

Frozen world of Arctic Lapland beyond Arctic Cicrle, Finland - Part 1

~ ~ ~

Frozen world under Northern Lights beyond Artic Circle in Lappland, Finland - Part 2

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