Iceland - Northern Lights Timelapse Movies -

Night Sky and Northern Lights over wintery Iceland

It is being said that a picture is worth a thousand words and it is surely a true statement, however what if you put thousands of pictures together ?

I had the incredible luck to experience once in a life time Northern Lights show created by huge Solar storm which brought unseen colors ranging from the usual green, yellow to red, purple or even blue, to the sky all over Nordic countries and even all the way to the south of UK. Add several other lucky nights with smaller or larger Aurora Borealis appearance in unique landscape of Iceland and the result is relatively lot of footage for my first ever time-lapse video.

(note this is not HD version, for much better viewing experience check the HD version that can be seen on Vimeo itself)

Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis and Night Sky over Iceland (Timelapse) - Part 1

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Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis and Night Sky over Iceland (Timelapse) - Part 2

In Norse mythology the Valkyries (immortal, war-like virgins) would come galloping across the night sky upon their horses equipped with helmets, spears and armor that would glow and shimmer in the darkness. These lights, colored red, blue, violet and green, would spread in curtains from horizon to horizon, amazing the mortals below. This is how the Vikings explained a phenomenon we now call the aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights. Different societies have explained the phenomenon in diverse ways. The Alaskan Inuits thought of the lights as the souls of deer, seals, salmon and whales that they hunted. The Menominee Indians in North America thought the glow must be the torches of giants that lived in the North.

No single Northern Lights photo does true justice to what is happening on the sky during those unique moments when Northern Lights appear. This video is my first time ever time-lapse attempt in order to try to show how such phenomenon looks like. Capturing Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis can be extremely demanding on its own, however trying to capture enough footage/photos for just few seconds of video takes the dedication and exhaustion from hardly any sleep and days/night outside in a cold to a very new level. I'm still fascinated how this 6 minutes video captures events of more than 48 hours constant activity (spread across 2 weeks period).

I had some of the best conditions for Northern Lights at THE perfect place, everybody wishes to capture it -- Jökulsárlón - the Glacier Lagoon. There was no wind, temperature just below freezing, clear sky with millions of stars reflected on perfectly mirror like surface of the lagoon. The Alaskan Forecast for Aurora activity had just increased to level 5 -- high activity -- I've never seen it that high !

However it was only the next night of the 28th of February 2014 when the promised super large solar activity hit the Earth and created that incredible solar storm which brought colors all over the sky, not only over Arctic Europe but all the to such latitudes as UK, Isle of Man and Jersey ! There were such colors that I have never seen before and neither none of my local photographer friends that are chasing and capturing Aurora for years. It was the full color scale from usual yellow, green to very unusual purple, red or even blue. Aurora's magnetic colorful veil spread all over the sky coming from all directions!! I have seen multiple large burning meteorites falling from the sky, such a large size I've never seen before !!!

Several other nights provided me with aurora display in various locations to make the movie more interesting. It must have been my 8th visit to this incredible island, however I had never had so much luck with solar activity and clear skies before. Thank you Odin ;)

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